Head Shop Near

Federal Heights, Colorado

Living in Federal Heights? Need a vape and smoke shop loaded with all the supplies and accessories you need to smoke and vape to your heart’s content. Get Your Wax On is a locally-owned-and-operated head shop near Federal Heights, and we have a huge selection of products that you’re sure to love. 


We know that going to a smoke and vape shop for the first time can seem intimidating, particularly if you’re new to smoking or vaping and are worried about choosing the wrong products. But we’re here to help! Our experienced staff are friendly and approachable. We’ll never sell you anything you don’t need – our goal is always to help you make the most of your smoking and vaping experience!

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Whether you’re a veteran smoker looking for a dab rig or a replacement pipe, or you’re a newcomer to smoking and you’re looking to pick up your first bong, grab some basic accessories like a grinder, and check out a few other products like vape rigs, we’re standing by with a wide selection and the best customer service of any head shop near Federal Heights. 


We offer a huge selection of products online and at our in-store location – making your life more convenient and ensuring you can always get the supplies and accessories you need to make the most of your vaping or smoking experience. 


So, don’t wait. Visit Get Your Wax On today by visiting our head shop near Federal Heights. You can stop by in-person or begin your shopping experience online. For any questions you may have,  contact us online or call us at (303) 650-2498 to speak to one of our experienced team members right away.