Nectar Collectors

Get Your hands on some of the best nectar collectors in the Denver Area at Get Your Wax On! We offer a wide array of different sizes, styles and full kits that will elevate your experience so make sure to check out our catalog and place your order online or visit us at our store.


Like a bee to honey a new nectar is sure to draw you in. With being compact and easy to travel with to being heady pieces that grace your living room table they are one of the top choices for concentrate users. Cleaning and maintaining your piece is never an issue as well.

Instead of putting your concentrates into a banger or loading them into a chamber to vape you simply heat up the nail and touch it to your container with your favorite strain in it. When you're done simply pack it up and take it on the go with you. With our selection, you're sure to get only the best in quality.


The variety of styles ensures that every smoker gets exactly what they want with our variety of choices. From the fun Rick and Morty Nectar Collector made from premium-grade platinum cured silicone to the Glass Nectar Collector made from Borosilicate glass material, there’s a style for everyone and a price for every pocket. 


Ready to dab? Then you can buy your nectar collector online now, or visit our store to check out even more models or colors and ask our team for some recommendations!