Bongs, Parts, and Accessories

Ready to take your smoking experience to the next level? Get Your Wax On is your premier supplier of bongs and accessories!

The best bong accessories and other smoking tools are available to you either online or at our instore location near Denver. The bong itself is only part of what you need to worry about, but our unique collection includes all essential bong parts from bowls to downsteps and ashcatchers, ensuring you an amazing smoking experience.

Our diverse array of bong accessories is designed to meet any smoker’s needs, regardless of their smoking experience or the budgets they have to work with. Here are the main bong attachments included in our collection:

Downstems - you can’t have a bong without a downstem. Literally. The downstem carries the smoke from the slide or bowl into the water chamber to filter and cool it. They come in a lot of sizes and length, so it’s important to know what kind you need;

Ashcatchers - these are bong attachments that give additional filtration. Like downstems, they come in a lot of different sizes, but also shapes and styles, so you can also get really creative with them;

Bowls - also known as slides, bowels are empty chapters for the loose leaf or tobacco through which the air goes through. When the air hits the herb, it ignites and creates the smoke. Make sure your new bowl is compatible with your bond, as they come in loads of different sizes.

If you’re not sure what you need in terms of bong accessories, the Get Your Wax customer service team would be happy to help you navigate this world and make the perfect choice for your needs.

Feel free to check out our collections online or stop by our local shop now!

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