The OG or the New Kid On the Block

We’ve now entered the dawn of a new era: the era of electric, well everything. With the rise of electrical devices we’re now faced with a quandary. Which is better, the old school or the new? In this article I plan to go over just one small area of this battle, today let's cover nectar collectors.

Nectar collectors have become one of the number one ways to enjoy concentrates. They’re small (relatively) and easy to bring with you anywhere you go. Anywhere from the Honey Dabber II

, which is easy to conceal, to big kids like the Very Happy Dab Kit, which carries a large nectar with a perc in it to enjoy cooler dabs on the go. Overall the basic concept is the same though, just heat up your nail and enjoy your dabs.

Now we start heading into new territory. The industry has exploded with electronic vaporizers of all styles (check out our first blog here if you want to learn more) and this includes the electric nectar collectors like the Lookah Seahorse Pro and the Boundless Terp Pen. The idea for these is basically the same as the original nectar collector. There is a coil of either quartz or ceramic on the end that heats when indicated and you enjoy your dabs. There’s even the Headbanger that has a perc for water to really cool those hits down. This is all well and good, but is it worth it to get one?

Now I am usually a hardcore fan for all things glass and organic, but in this field I may have to concede that the electric nectar collectors have a ton of wonderful additions that may make them worthwhile for you.

First off would be the ease of use. Just pressing a button instead of wielding a torch and risking burning myself or my clothes with the nail is something that can be avoided with the likes of the Seahorse, which comes with a cover for the dangerous end. Most of these electric nectar collectors also come with multiple temperature settings, which is a definite plus since you can really customize your dab experience. In some models there is a setting that allows the coil to stay hot for 20-30 seconds so you can share the love. Now I only smoke at home because I turn into a hermit with a lot of self-inflection on my schedule, but the idea of being able to throw it in my bag and take it with me is something I’m sure many will find very appealing.

Now here is where there are a couple of downsides. First off will be paying for coil replacements, because after a while they do lose efficacy and the taste quality is not what it once was, but these are relatively inexpensive, ranging around the 5-7 dollar range. The other problem that may come up would be cleaning. Most of these are just an empty chamber--past the coil--but the hole itself is rather small. A good small cleaning brush and some alcohol will take care of the issue as long as you remember to clean it regularly. Reclaiming any of your lost concentrates may be a bit of a no go depending on the model you get as well. I tend to not go after mine so I honestly haven’t found this to be an issue, but I’m sure that some people will be disappointed with it.

Overall, I see appeal in both the normal nectar collector and an electric and regularly enjoy both of them but I do tend to lean more towards the electric nectar collector. Mine sits right on my coffee table waiting to greet me when I get home from a long day while my original one tends to sit longingly in our cabinet for a week or two at a time waiting for me to use it until I remember all of the good times. Please don’t take just my word for it though try both and decide for yourself how you like to get your wax on.

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