The History and Future of Electronic Vaporizers

The idea of concentrates themselves are relatively new to the cannabis industry, they are believed to have started in the 1940’s (whereas cannabis was introduced to the America’s in the 1800’s). Even now the industry is moving by leaps and bounds into electronic vaping. It feels like every week there’s a new release on a product to elevate your concentrate vaping experience. How do you even keep up anymore? With the advancements of portable devices and table top vaporizers and hybrids (eg. the Puffco Peak) enjoying your choice of concentrates has never been more customizable. The question I want to explore today is how did this all come about? What is the history and growth of electronic vaporizers and what could we expect in the future?

In regards to the first question, I believe the initial inspiration was ease of use. Many people who consider getting into the arena of concentrates are initially put off by the idea of heating a torch against a nail or banger. I can clearly remember my mother, who was a stoner in her party days, thinking I was getting into crack when she first happened upon my dab rig. After I explained to her that it is used to consume concentrates she was still wary and waxed eloquently of “back in the old days” of smoking a joint or just using a pipe. Just recently I showed her the portable vaporizer that I use currently (Pulsar Barb Fire atomizer) and she was considerably less wary and even curious about how it works and the difference in the high that could be obtained. In short as soon as it looked less villainous she was much more open to the idea of using concentrates.

The history of concentrate vaporizers is considerably longer than one would think. Using a heating element to extract vapors has been tracked through history, including Egyptians using hot stones on hemp seeds, and the use of a Hookah in Southeast Asia. In more recent history the first electric vaporizer was created in the 1930’s and was improved upon in the 1960’s. These were made as replacements in the tobacco industry though. The beginnings of the industry for electronic concentrate vaporizers is relatively new, being a little over a decade old. Nowadays it is a multi-billion dollar industry and improvements are being made on a constant basis, where the vaporizer you got 5 years ago is considered outdated and inefficient.

With the increase of the styles and portability of these devices it is safe to say that the concentrate industry is sure to grow as well, which in turn will feed the need to improve on these devices. With the increase in legalization in states, the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. My guess is we will be seeing huge strides in the electronic vaporizer industry as well as an increase in the affordability of these devices. Every brand wants to be at the top, whether it is batteries for cartridges, handheld vaporizers, e-nails, or tabletop vaporizers.

The question now isn’t whether we are going to be seeing anything new but are we as consumers going to be able to keep up? I am not only excited as a consumer, but also as a person of reference for education about the future of the industry. We are truly moving into an age where we will be shown every option possible and we can choose something that we don’t just use but something we love.

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