Replacement coils for the Boundless Terp Pen - these coils fit easily into the tip of your Terp Pen so you get those massive flavorful clouds, just like when it was brand new! They are made of premium ceramic wrapped in medical-grade stainless steel wire to keep your dabs pure and they heat almost instantly, so your Terp Pen is ready when you are.

And you get TWO replacement coil tips that will keep you dabbing for a long time, so for the price, it’s a great add-on item if you’re purchasing your first Terp Pen.

Key Features:

    - Easy installation
    - Sold in a pack of two
    - Boundless replacement coil
    - Pure ceramic wrapped in stainless steel

    Boundless Terp Pen Replacement Coils 2pk

    • Available for in store pickup only. No out of state order will be fulfilled, refund will be given.