Vape Store Online Catalog

At our online vape store, we only carry products that we're wild about. Get Your Wax On has a comprehensive and complete collection of rigs, vaporizers, vapes, disposables, and accessories. One thing is sure across the board: high product quality for durable performance. From the novice to the enthusiast, you will find the best vape accessories.


When you're thinking about your at-home set-up, discretion isn’t as much of a concern. Check out our wide range of silicone bongs, where we carry everything from Rick and Morty to Mario Bros and everything in between. If you’re looking for something that is a work of art in it’s own right, take a look at our range of glassworks which are not only beautiful but functional, bringing you the coolest, most flavorful hits possible.

If you're not looking for a decorative piece that'll draw attention, our vaporizers offer discreet yet powerful alternatives. For example, the Lookah Seahorse Nectar Collector line has a sleek design that makes it a perfect travel companion. If you're looking to customize and build, consider a KangerTech mod that you can tailor to the nines.

Get Your Wax On has numerous oil rigs for concentrate lovers. Among our offerings are some real stunners, such as the UFO Dab Rig Smoking Glass Water Pipe. Browse our entire selection of rigs that are bound to impress anyone who lays eyes on it. If you just want a simple disposable vaporizer, purchase some Puff Bars to make a budget-friendly choice with no strings attached. Torches and grinders are plentiful as well, in addition to decoy staches, rolling trays, and dab tools. Shop vapes, rigs, and so much more at Get Your Wax On today!