Silicone Bongs


Tired of replacing your glass pieces or looking for a new easily portable rig? A silicone bong is a the perfect way to get both while still getting the heady hits you’re looking for. Made with silicone that is heat resistant up to 425°F and virtually indestructible otherwise. With a large variety of colors and designs it is easy to find something that will fit your style and needs. We have a wide selection of silicone pieces from nectar collectors, pipes and bongs so we definitely have something that will fit your style and budget. Check out our Rick and Morty Nectar Collector or our Mario Bros silicone water bong if you want something with a perc in it. Either way we are here to help you elevate your smoking experience and make it the best way to Get Your Wax On. Shop our collection of silicone bongs for sale today!